Data matching



Data matching

A service that includes "Data collection" and "Data preprocessing support" required for companies to develop their own AI. Companies that own sleeping Data (sellers) and companies that want to use Data (purchase) This is Japan's first service aimed at matching data scientists (AI engineers).
It is said that it takes a lot of time and effort for a company to independently perform "selection of data acquisition destination" and "collection" that should be performed first when developing AI. However, if you use this platform (DP2), you can select "Data you want" from the list and purchase it, and you can expect overwhelming work efficiency and encounter with new Data. At the same time, by matching with Data Scientists, we will also provide "Shaping of purchased data" and "Advice on usage scenes". On the other hand, for Data owners who are considering selling, it has made it possible to "sell existing Data" on hand.
  • Cooperation with Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

    We will process public data and data acquired by the country to make it easier to use.

  • Data for over 100 companies

    We also have a lot of data for operating companies that are rarely distributed, including marketing companies and research companies.

  • Meta (Integrated) Data

    You can achieve many times more value by combining something that is not valuable in one data with other data.

Case Study
  • Used for AI model development

    When I try to make AI in-house, the problem is lack of data. We will solve such a problem.

  • Used for marketing

    It can be used when using Data as a decision-making when thinking about business strategies.

  • Use as a sales list / advertisement

    Sales activities using purchased Data, Advertising by indirect use of Data, etc.

  • Use for research and questionnaires

    It is possible to indirectly use Data owned by other companies.

Actively hiring in all positions!
Tokyo / Osaka / China

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Actively hiring in all positions!
Tokyo / Osaka / China

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